PCR Clean Up Kit

The PCR purification kit is designed for rapid purification of single-stranded or double-stranded PCR amplification products from other components in the reactions,

It is able to effectively remove PCR by-products including primers, dimers, enzymes, unincorporated nucleotides and mineral oil from the desired PCR product.

The purified PCR products are fully compatible with restriction enzyme digestion, ligation into vectors, labeling, sequencing and more. This kit can also be used as an alternative to organic extraction and ethanol precipitation to clean up various enzymatic reactions.

DNA Gel Extraction Kit

Gel purification of DNA is a common technique used for the isolation of specific DNA fragments from reaction products.

However, most methods either fail to completely remove agarose, which can lead to problems in downstream manipulations; shear the DNA; or result in very low yields. The Gel Extraction kit uses DNA spin-column technology to purify DNA bands 70 bp – 20 kb in length from all grades of agarose gels with up to 85% recovery.

The DNA band of interest is excised from the gel, dissolved in binding buffer, and applied to a DNA spin column. Following three wash steps, DNA is eluted with deionized water or elution buffer and is ready for downstream applications such as ligations, PCR amplification, restriction enzyme digestion, and various labeling reactions.